Power Backup Automation

In the conventional power backup system (online or offline UPS/Inverter systems) Led-acid batteries are used to store the power. And these batteries help the inverter/UPS to regenerate power by discharging the power stored in the batteries. One of the many drawbacks of this conventional system is that these discharges only 70% charge (Amps) it consumes to charge. This drop (power loss) happens because of the discharging inefficiency. Moreover, these batteries have a considerably short lifetime, replacing the batteries is a costly task periodically done by most business units. It is nothing but great foolishness. We have better efficient technologies which use lithium batteries or Hydrogen fuel cells or methanol fuel cells which give more than 90% efficiency. In order to back up the power system for big shopping malls, Cinemas, Data centers, Apartments, and Business units, these innovative technologies are better options because it saves a huge portion overall cost and in the energy consumption and lifetime expectancy.