About Us

We are a group of expert technology solution providers in India and GCC countries.  A passionately formed group innovating mainly in the areas of ERP solutions, IoT Solutions, Fin-tech solutions, Edge computing, and Artificial intelligence. We are a Focused, committed, consistent, and dedicated research group revolutionizing business models by meeting challenges posses due to the ‘conventional approach’ and providing robust and state-of-the-art solutions for all those challenges. We ensure and set up working models which suit best our clients and which solutions boost the agility, security, intuitiveness, efficiency, and profitability of our valuable clients.       

Our Vision

At Tech Lab,


We are passionately innovating Business Models, beyond the bounds of conventional limits, In order to increase profitability, efficiency, ease of use, Cost effectiveness, and security of our customers by providing robust, state of the art, and best fit solutions. We provide our investors/Partners/Vendors a brilliant & least risky platform to invest & get prosperous and to take part in the glory & the legacy of Tech Lab, as we ultimately aim to create a green and easy living environment around the world.

Our Mission

At Tech Lab,


Not only do we develop/weave state-of-art products and solutions but we constantly improve ourselves in one of the most challenging and rewarding environments, as we are destined to cross the limits of conventional ideas.


The core of ‘Tech Lab’ values lies in the limitless satisfaction of its customers, investors, partners, and employees, in the active engagement, and in the happiness of every stakeholder when ‘Tech Lab’ passionately innovating futuristic solutions for the community it serves and when ‘Tech Lab’ could cherish their Hi-tech dreams by taking over the challenges which the market poses.