On-premise Server Solutions

What is an on-premises server?

It means a hardware infrastructural setup deployed & running from within the confines
of your organization. You have complete control over the infrastructure setup. Data stays in your private network, nobody other than your team has access to the information. We can also call on-premises infrastructure a private cloud.

Control over the infrastructure;

An on-premises infrastructure undoubtedly provides more control over the system, code everything up to a much more granular level as opposed to software as a service.
We have no say on how data is stored, replicated & stuff when using a third-party service.

Security in the Context of Data Leak & Eavesdropping;

If your data leaves your doors it’s vulnerable to eavesdropping. With SaaS, there is always a risk of your data being exposed. And when the data is sensitive you just cannot afford to use a third-party cloud service. This is where running an on-prem server makes sense…