iQUANTUM Project Management ERP

Another ERP offering in the market, you may think. Yes, we are a cloud-based ERP solutions provider. We enable a unified real-time experience to users anytime, anywhere. And of course, yes, we provide a full robust suite of integrated business management applications.

We will go to the best bits soon. Before that, let us have a quick look at the vast features of iQuantum ERP and how it could become a catalyst to turn around your business fortunes.


  1. We offer the full suite of integrated business management applications, including Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management, SalesForce automation, and business automation solutions through our online channel and dedicated channel partners.
  2. We cover all bases; SaaS, Private Cloud, On-Premise Depending on your business requirement, the ideal solution can be deployed. Additionally, our seamless cloud experience provides you with a complete real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere.
  3. We kept things simple with a Single Page Application. Our unique application design provides you the choice to simultaneously work multiple menus without closing other menus. No more cumbersome page navigation and what you get is high performance with a great user experience.
  4. We deploy in Microsoft’s Azure Datacenter. This means, along with being a powerful system giving high availability, you get access to a highly reliable, cost-effective as well as secure platform.
  5. We enable you to operate multiple business units that can be held independently responsible for their profit and loss statements. Each unit can support multiple departments as cost or profit centers.
  6. We help you perform multi-currency operations and enable you to maintain as many price lists as pertaining to your customer. All this while supporting multi-location inventory tracking and sales processes.
  7. Additionally, to the above, we help you stay tax compliant by staying updated on all tax reforms such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), Value-added Tax (VAT), etc.
  8. iQuantum’s Cloud ERP Solution features multi-level approval procedures that keep managers and decision-makers in the loop.
  9. Unlike legacy systems, our Cloud ERP solution gives the customer the option to customize their forms and functionalities as required during the implementation, which, again, gives the customer a business edge.
  10. We support several user-friendly project management tools like KANBAN and Gantt charts, dashboards, etc.
  11. Furthermore, you can export and view your reports in multiple formats like Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV, XPS, Word, and so on.

Modern ERP

  • Helps you to align business models and processes with market dynamics to remain relevant and competitive.
  • It provides decision-makers with needed visibility, streamlines processes and promotes efficiency.
  • It enhances collaboration and creates a master data repository (a single source of truth)
    of all information.
  • Reduces capital expenditure on ERP
  • Lesser manpower required to manage operations

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive design helps your business users to quickly learn and adapt.
  • Common standards adopted across the modules to reduce training required & faster adoptability
  • Multiple formats of reports and data representation give great flexibility in analysis
  • Single page application helps you to avoid page navigation
  • Simplified system management and updates

Automate Activities

  • Automate sending quotes, invoices, etc. and other documents
  • Automate follow up e-mails and alerts
  • Implement business process in Workflow for faster and accurate execution
  • Increases the productivity up to 30%


  • Advanced reporting for detailed data insight
  • Dashboard for quick understanding and visualization
  • Auto-generate reports via e-mail with an attachment


  • The system drives internal business processes in sync with user activities
  • Quickly adapt to changes in the policies and processes
  • Saves an enormous amount of your time and increases productivity


  • Secures your data from internal and external threats
  • Stringent access controls integrated with user management
  • Access Control proactively limits access to resources and confidential data, screens user groups for authenticity, and grants permissions and privileges for access.


iQuantum  Project Management ERP

An intelligent project management solution is a relevant tool for project managers involved in planning and implementing business projects. An automated and holistic Project management solution enables managers to organize and coordinate team tasks, visualize different process levels, and take accurate decisions pertaining to project requirements. Reasons are aplenty for wanting a project management solution and service management for your business, but here are a few compelling features that can raise the efficacy of your projects

Project Reporting ensures that the project objectives are satisfied, monitors work progress, and communicates information to the stakeholders in the form of reports. Project status reports help stakeholders evaluate and review the project life cycle and monitor the progress


  • Integrated with CRM, Procurement and Billing
  • Tool for Project Planning
  • Auto Project plan creation using templates
  • Visualize plan in Gantt
  • Milestone management
  • All Jobs visualization in Kanban
  • Add notes and events to Job
  • Assign job to multiple users with owner defined

Key Features

  • Project dashboards
  • Alerts on delayed jobs or projects
  • Deadline alerts
  • Track events and notes added against the job
  • Dynamic project status configuration
  • Dynamic job status configuration
  • Drag and drop to change the status
  • Assign multiple costs to a job
  • Budget against project and job as well

Key Benefits

  • Project managers can have a telescopic view of the project
  • Saves time as job are process-oriented
  • Efficiency is high due to the high visibility of the job and its status
  • Team leader or project manager can intervene on time due to alerts
  • Helps in realistic planning
  • Aligned with the project and business goals
  • Tracks and monitors deadlines
  • Higher accountability from resources

Key Processes

  • Project planning and Budgeting
  • Resource allocation
  • Job Costing
  • Capture third party costs
  • Project and Job progress tracking