Advanced LMS platforms for Smart Classrooms using IoT

Since the inception and rapid growth of IoT technology, the cost of devices for revolutionizing classroom experience with augmented reality/virtual reality technologies has drastically come down. But still, large sections of Edu-tech companies are still not familiar with the unexplored scope of IoT technologies to bring down the cost to 1 by 5 to set up classrooms equipped with augmented reality/ virtual reality in hybrid smart class room platform integrated with the Advanced learning management system of the School/ College ERP. The edu-tech industry faces the biggest challenge is that software firms that develop the ERP module Learning Management System are less experienced in real-time smart classroom equipment or technologies. Even in the distant possibility, they found such company which has skills and knowledge in both areas, there is zero percentage chances that that particular technology solution provider (software) has any basic skills, experience or knowledge in IoT optimization technologies, because which is the key to reduce cost in setting up classrooms in a super-smart classroom equipped with Virtual reality/augmented reality and integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) of the school/College ERP.

Here is our expertise, to accept the above challenge. We will revolutionize your smart classroom with IoT technology and reduce overall project costs. As we are one of the pioneers in providing
school/college ERP software, we can easily integrate all these tools into a single platform with a superior value proposition with extremely reasonable and affordable cost.