Building Automation Solution

Building automation concepts have entirely changed within the last few years after the introduction of IoT (internet of things). Though the era has changed, major automation solution providers still use PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) to automate all the devices in a building. As the main players in the automation solution lack technological skills, knowledge limitation forces them to keep on suggesting PLC-based automation solutions. It is 10 times more costly than IoT-based automation and customers have no clue what’s happening in the industry.

The number of traditional builders is too far away in terms of automation technological exposure, so they compel their customers to pay 30-50% extra for their utility and energy charges when they propose a traditional electrical system. It is less secure, low efficient, less user-friendly, and extremely difficult to manage with more employees. In order to monitor the systems in a large building, it is a hefty task which requires numerous staff also.

We have a tailor-made and best-fit custom IoT-based power automation system in which you can control all lightings anywhere from the world of building. Or even an Artificial Intelligence module of ERP software can manage all your access controls without any human interference. For requirements not only we provide Automation hardware and devices, but we also set up the network servers whenever and wherever it is required and we develop an ‘Artificial Intelligent’ ERP module and integrate it with your other properties/buildings in a third party. All IP devices computers, mobiles, devices connected in LAN, sensors actuators, Multi-room audio systems, IP PABX, automatic gate controls, Boom barriers, parking ticket system, Intelligent CCTV with AIOT features, On-grid Solar System, Irrigation controls, and wi-fi can be integrated into a single system. Moreover multiple properties and various systems through a single mobile App/Windows App can be controlled from a single point.

Lighting Controls

IOT & Security System using IP Camera

Intelligent Appliances

Multichannel Room Audio

Energy Management App (IoT)


Irrigation Controls

On-Grid/ Off-Grid Solar systems

Access Controls Systems for Gates, Doors and Boom Barriers

Temperature Control System/Thermostat/HVAC