Agri-Tech Solutions

IoT Based Smart Farm

Imagine a huge farm of different crops is managed with zero human staff, with 40% more yield
50% less cost, It is possible exactly that what the solutions we provide for clients. From reaping all agricultural activities can be automated without any human requirement.

A climate control system will help the crop grow faster and can produce maximum produce from
every corner of the huge farm.

The moisture control system ensures that all plants are watering with an adequate amount of water.

In many part of the word fertile soil got destroyed due to uncalculated usage of chemical
fertilizers without even testing soil, farmers now can put an end to this dilemma when using our
IoT Agri-tech solutions. The sensors placed under the soil check the soil nutrition value every
minute or hour as set and send data to the cloud ERP. The actuators control devices then
fertilize the area where ever vital nutrition lacking in a particular of the soil.

Drones-controlled pesticide spraying process can be automated with an IoT ERP module.

We have an array of Agri-tech solutions for large and medium-size farms.

Smart farm Key Features

  • Robust & flexible system for Farm Management
  • Traceability & Output Predictability
  • Accountable & Efficient Operations
  • Standard package of practices
  • Alert Log & Management (pest infestation, diseases, etc.)
  • Incorporates end-to-end solutions
  • Satellite and weather input based advisory
  • Crop reports & insights – easy reporting on-the-go
  • Geotagging for accountability & accurate predictability
  • Adherence to Compliance & Certification